Westside Costa Mesa - Westside Story

Westside Costa MesaTorelli Realty Presents Westside Story[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8Z9uQ0jhO0]When we first moved over here 12 years ago from Eastside it was originally a financial issue and then we discovered what was really over here. Not only do you have incredibly access to the ocean (a mile and a half - a 5 year old can bile there!), here you actually can ride down to the beach, to the sand, and going through the trails you never even have to go on a busy road. You can go through Canyon Park or you can just go straight down Victoria and take the Santa Ana River Trail. It's an easy ride, in fact we never take our cars on a busy Saturday, Sunday or on a holiday.For our budget we could not believe what we got over here. We found 100 foot trees, we found quiet streets because there wasn't the traffic or the noise... There were 1,000 sq. ft. homes on 7,000 sq. ft. lots so the houses were really small and we decided for the same amount of money that we could go out and buy somebody else's bigger house... We were able to basically do a tear down, go down to the studs, and build our custom home for what we would spend somewhere else.It was different when we first moved in... But I have to tell you we have young people moving in... I'm not the only one who has customized my home. These neighborhoods are quiet streets, wonderful access, great parks, wonderful schools, and incredible neighbors... I got to tell you, the Westside is the Bestside.What do you think of your neighborhood? Please share it on video by emailing holly@torellirealty.com today.Thank you Greg Ridge!

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