Real Estate Videos To Help Maximize Home Values

Costa Mesa, CA: The leader in Costa Mesa homes, Costa Mesa real estate company Torelli Realty, located in Orange County, California, is proud to reveal a new service that is guaranteed to help home sellers and manage home values for homeowners.  Holly Schwartz, the Media & Marketing Director for Torelli Realty, drew her inspiration from HGTV, where she formerly produced and directed real estate & home design shows, to develop this new technology. Torelli Realty is inviting the public to submit real estate videos and general home videos with questions about home staging and home remodeling projects. The Costa Mesa Realtors who are experts in local market conditions, combined with the knowledge and experience of home staging expert Holly Schwartz, will provide consulting services and advice to homeowners who want to know whether or not a home remodeling project will help or hurt the value of their home. These services will be of great value to Costa Mesa homes for sale. There are right ways and wrong ways to give your home a makeover and Torelli Realty wants to help homeowners make sound investments and choices.  hammer photoTorelli Realty specializes in Costa Mesa real estate as well as Orange County real estate. Since every real estate market is different, the company is teaming up with real estate agents nationwide to help assist homeowner and home sellers all across the USA. Homeowners must submit a home video showing the room(s) and house in question and explain what their problem is so that the experts can make an informed evaluation for the homeowners. The video must include address and location information to aid the experts because real estate and home values are heavily influenced by location. Real estate agents do not want homeowners to over-improve for the neighborhood because that limits the return on investment. It is usually advisable to make improvements that are in line with the norms for the neighborhood. Home staging is important as well, especially for homeowners who plan to list their home for sale.These tips and advice will also be a benefit for the Costa Mesa rentals and Costa Mesa apartments that Torelli Realty services. Landlords will be able to ask experts for help making budget-friendly improvements and home staging decisions to maximize the return on investment.For more info please email and put PROPERTY VIDEOS in the subject line. To submit a video, please upload to the Torelli Realty Facebook page under the Video Tab. We encourage you to have fun with your video and make sure it is no longer than 5 minutes please.About Torelli Realty: Torelli Realty is proud to represent Costa Mesa real estate. We’ve been meeting the needs of Costa Mesa home buyers & sellers since 1984. Torelli Realty deals with Costa Mesa homes, Costa Mesa apartments, Costa Mesa rentals, Costa Mesa property management, and offers home improvement and home staging tips to help your home’s value throughout Costa Mesa and in Mesa Verde. We also have an expert on staff, Holly Schwartz, who came to us as a producer from Home and Garden Television (HGTV) and extensively studied the most effective home staging techniques, as well as home values and markets locally and nationally. Torelli Realty is also an expert in Costa Mesa short sales and Orange County short sales. Feel free to contact Torelli Realty for a consultation and for all your real estate needs.WEBSITESHORT SALE WEBSITETWITTER  – FACEBOOK - COMPANY BLOG