Kitchen Makeover on a Budget


 Most likely, your kitchen is the center of everything that happens in your home. If you are ready for an updated look but don’t have much of a budget, don’t worry. We have several tips to help you with a kitchen makeover that won’t cost you a fortune.PaintNothing updates the look of your kitchen quicker than a fresh coat of paint in a new color. One way of choosing a color scheme is to find a set of towels or another kitchen accessory that you really like and use it to choose wall and trim colors. Since you are painting a kitchen, you might need a primer coat to compensate for grease that may be embedded in your walls.AccessoriesGiving your kitchen a new look could be as simple as replacing your current accessories and decorations with new ones. Is your kitchen currently sporting a sunflower theme? Change it. One place to start is with replicas of vintage restaurant signs. Find one with colors you like and then use it to choose your new paint colors.PlantsPlants give any space they are placed in a new vitality. For a splash of color, place African violets on your windowsill, or in wall sconces. You can also choose plants with variegated leaves to add interest. If your home has an open floorplan, hanging plants can be used to differentiate one space from another while adding an artistic flair in the form of ornate macramé hangers. Not only do the plants themselves add interest but the pots you put them in can add beauty to your kitchen as well.Tying it all TogetherAny one of these recommendations can give your kitchen a distinctive new look. Taken together, you can create the kitchen of your dreams without a huge investment.