Is Real Estate Going to the Pets in Costa Mesa?

Pets are a big part of your life.  In fact about 62% of American homes have pets so it’s definitely a reality in the Costa Mesa real estate market.  As real estate agents we list homes and tour homes with pets all the time.  So it’s time to address a practical question - How do pets affect you when you go to sell your home?  Consider these ideas that our real estate agents give clients, which were also mentioned in The OC Register.  Tips like these are hot topics on real estate television shows, like the shows you will see on Home and Garden Television show’s like MY HOUSE IS WORTH WHAT?  Our media producer Holly Schwartz produced for this show and we have years of experience to help advise home sellers.Picture of doghouse1. Think of pet toys and pet accessories like you would think of toys.  Even though they suit your lifestyle, they add up to clutter when potential buyers come to visit.  The key is to take away the clutter and hide as much as possible.  Why?  They are a distraction.  Plus many buyers will not be able to envision their own belongings in a space that’s decorated for your pet.  The bottom line: Clutter makes rooms seem smaller and it’s important to make your home feel as larger as possible because space sells.  2. Pet necessities need to be in suitable locations & be kept as neat as possible.  Of course your pets will have some necessities like litter boxes and dog crates.  These should always be kept tidy and be stored in an out of the way location, such as a garage, guest bath, or porch (not your front porch though – that could hurt your home’s first impression!).  If you can afford it, many pet suppliers are selling more modern styles of these items.  They are more pleasing to the eye and meant to complement the room.  Plus some of them are multifunctional, which means that visitors may not realize they are for the pets! 3. Neutralize pet odors.  Another thing we counsel sellers to do is to take care of pet odors by neutralizing the home’s scent.  Odor fresheners, air sprays, candles, and fresh-baked foods all help to give your home a neutral, pleasant smell that will cover pet odors.  The bottom line: A pleasant smelling home will be inviting to buyers.Pets are a part of your family and they have to play their part in selling your home too.  Our real estate agents are more than happy to give you more tips on how to make it easy to sell your home when you have a pet.