How To Keep Your Home a Happy Place

Your home is a reflection of the way you live. For a lot of us, the stresses of work life or how the days, weeks, months seem to speed by can be overwhelming and we bring those troubles home; we often forget that home should be our sanctuary from daily life so our homes can quickly become cluttered due to neglect. How we feel within the walls of our home affect our outlook on life. Moving things around and introducing new routines at home can spark positive change that will radiate throughout all aspects of your life. We’ve put together a guide to assist those who are looking to bring a refreshing energy into their home.1. Start by removing or donating the things in your home that you don’t use. In a society that thrives off consumers feeling they need to have everything, it’s empowering to live within a somewhat minimalist lifestyle. If you’re having trouble deciding on what to get rid of, if you haven’t used it within this past year, give it to those in need or put those items in storage if you’re still not sure.2. While going through things, you’ll come across items that have sentimental value. These are the things that should be prominently displayed throughout your home. By arranging cherished objects in your home, you’ll be creating a feeling of gratitude for what really matters. The experiences and memories affiliated with those sentimental objects are greatly valuable to your true happiness.3. Speaking of gratitude, keep a journal on you & write down the instances in which you felt happiest during your day. Reflecting on the positive moments from daily life cultivates a grateful energy & will have you looking forward to the days ahead. You should also keep a vision board to remind you why you do what you do & what you’re working towards. This vision board should be somewhere in your home where you’ll be able to take a moment to look it over daily.4. Work with what you have while striving for your biggest goals. Whether it’s your job or home, you may not be where you’d like to be at this time in your life but remember that your current situation is not your final destination. You may not be living in your dream home but you can make it feel that way by playing up the best features in your home. For example, if you have a window that lets in some beautiful light, buy some plants to put nearby. By bringing the outside in you are inviting new air into your home which is proven to aid in both mental and physical health.Here at Torelli Realty, we care about more than getting you into any new home. We know what’s most important is if that new home will work for you as much as you’ve worked for it.