How To Choose The Right Contractor

There are multiple reasons why homeowners take the time and money to remodel their homes. For some people, remodeling is done because they have plans of selling their property to move to a different community or to upgrade to a bigger home for a growing family. On the other hand, other homeowners take up the project of home remodeling because they want to make their living space more enjoyable, comfortable, and spacious for the entire family.

 Contractors at workNow there are plenty of contractors in the business of home remodeling nowadays. There are highly experienced contractors who have been in the field for years and there are promising newcomers looking to grow a successful business. All of these contractors are sure to be knowledgeable in their craft, but to make sure you’re hiring the best contractor for your home, below are the top 3 questions you should ask your prospects so you could narrow down the roster to just one. 

  •  How long have you been doing business as a contractor in the community?

This question sheds some light on two things: a.) A local contractor who has been doing business for years has an established network of suppliers and subcontractors giving you better deals for items and tools needed, and b.) An experienced contractor already has a reputation within the community. Any project done under his name will surely be of quality if he wishes to maintain that name.

  • Could you please itemize your bid?

Itemizing a bid gives you a better idea over the remodeling of your home. What some contractors do is give you a bottom-line price for a project. This leaves you in the dark about what materials they plan to purchase, how much, and where these are going to go. Asking for an itemized bid shows you the bigger picture and also gives you the option to get hands-on with the project. Seeing the complete rundown can show you how much you’re going to save by not installing that extra sink in the bathroom. Cataloging a bid breaks down the price of materials and services like: tile, fixtures, breaking down walls, and installing frames. Another benefit of this method is that it gives you the ability to compare each contractor’s pricing for the project. Homeowners get to see how the contractor makes the most out of the established budget. 

  • Can I please meet your foreman and see a project he’s currently working on?

Most contractors are usually busy bidding for multiple  jobs, as well as supervising over other projects. When this happens, there is a chance that your contractor won’t be visible on site everyday which makes the foreman your automatic go-to guy. Getting to know the foreman and seeing how he works can give you an idea about his process and maybe seeing his work up close can make the decision making process easier for you. Knowing the answers to these questions will help you choose the right Contractor for the job. 

What other questions should you ask to find the right Contractor?