Home Staging Tips: How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger

Costa Mesa real estate company Torelli Realty offers some tips to make a small room look bigger.  These are tips that Torelli Realty provides when listing a home for sale. Why? Because it’s important to make rooms seem as large as possible when selling a home in Costa Mesa, just as it is throughout the US.“How do I make a small room look bigger?” That’s one of the main questions we’re faced with from home sellers. Here’s a list of 5 quick & easy tricks that we use and so do other professionals.Living room

  1. Paint the walls a light color. Inman News, one of the nation’s top sources of real estate news states that beiges and neutral colors create a light and airy atmosphere, which translates into a larger feeling space. Rooms that are painted a dark color feel smaller.
  2. Use a lighter color on the trim, borders and ceilings than the walls. Why? It helps to make the color on the walls feel less confining. It actually has the effect of lengthening the room.
  3. Make sure furniture is to scale. Hubpages.com points out a fact that is often overlooked. If the furniture is too big for the room, the room will seem cramped.
  4. Hang a mirror. Handyamerican.com does a good job of explaining how mirrors can give the appearance of expanding a room. The best mirror placement is in an area that reflects light or scenery. It gives your eye more space to wander.
  5. Pick appropriate lighting. In real estate nearly 100% of buyers prefer natural light so make sure to play up the natural light in the home. Freshome suggests choosing window treatments that can be tied back to help make the outdoors feel like an extension of the room. Pick lighting fixtures that suit the scale of the room and provide adequate light to add depth and a focal point.

Homes for sale in Costa Mesa by Torelli Realty are counseled to use these tricks in rooms to make them feel larger. It’s amazing what just a few small staging techniques can do to seemingly change the size of a room.About Torelli Realty: Torelli Realty is proud to offer home improvement and home staging tips to help your home’s value throughout Costa Mesa and in Mesa Verde. The company has been servicing Costa Mesa, CA almost exclusively for over 25 years and knows Costa Mesa real estate. We also have an expert on staff, Holly Schwartz, who came to us as a producer from Home and Garden Television (HGTV) and extensively studied home values and markets locally and nationally. Feel free to contact Torelli Realty for a consultation and for all your real estate needs.WEBSITESHORT SALE WEBSITETWITTER  - FACEBOOK - COMPANY BLOG