From ‘I Hate Realtors’ to Flowers and Dinner!

I Hate Realtors!Everyone knows somebody who hates Realtors. There's a variety of reasons:-Some view them as greedy and just out for a commission-Some think they don't do enough work to justify the compensation-Some think the job is too easy and doesn't require a professional-And some people have had a lousy experience with an agent and vow never to work with one again.Finding Middle GroundWhatever the reason, these objections are real and real estate agents face them all too often. In fact, we recently had a client who claimed to hate real estate agents and wanted nothing to do with us. However, the ice melted because our agent Judy Reyes made a positive impact. Her kindness and experience made the difference.The ResultJudy worked hard to provide her clients with the best service. By creating an enjoyable, safe atmosphere, the transaction brought about no signs of sellers remorse. The picture below only tells half the story...PhotoThe clients also took Judy and her husband to dinner!The Bottom Line - always give your best and don't give up! A tough sell can end up being your best sell!