Costa Mesa Sales are Popping…..Dateline February 2008

There has been a giant increase in the amount of real estate activity in the last few weeks.  Yes, there are stillshort pays and foreclosures happening, but buyers are out in force, looking for value and placing offers.  Not all offers are being accepted by battle-worn sellers, but the activity is there. Torelli Realty, alone has recently placed the following homes in escrow:  Tract and List Price Noted:  2960 Andros (Mesa Verde)   $729,00018** Hummingbird  (Mesa Verde)  $899,0001866 Kinglet  (Mesa Verde)  $769,0003125 Cork  (Halecrest)   $565,0001055 Cheyenne (Mesa North) closed escrow  $575,0001693 Samar (Mesa Verde) closed escrow  $665,000 We are anticipating a strong market, though one that has significant price corrections.  There is a pent up demand for affordable housing and as long as the prices are kept reasonable, buyers are coming to the table.  Discussions and comments are welcome on your own recent experience in selling your home..please let us know your thoughts.