Costa Mesa Homes - FHA Approved Or Not?

 Many home buyers are interested in purchasing a home with FHA financing, which allows them to put only 3.5% down on the purchase price. However, what a lot of buyers do not know is that properties must qualify for FHA financing. That means that not every home on the market will be an option for those using an FHA loan. Due to the current market conditions, many condominiums are not eligible for FHA buyers. In fact, in a recent article published in the OC Register, it was reported that less than 10% of condo associations were FHA certified. Many buyers looking a condos may not realize that only certain properties will work for them so it is important to contact us for more information. There are currently less than 20 condo complexes that are FHA certified. In Costa Mesa there are well over 60 communities so that means that over 1/3 of the properties will not qualify. 

Here is a look at some FHA Certified Condos in Costa Mesa:

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